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KEYNOTE: Using a touch of magic, Tom Britton brings the theme of your conference to life in a meaningful, magical way. Hard-hitting information delivered in a fun, memorable way. (Always customized to speak to the heart of your group.)

The Magic of CHANGE – The Illusion, Excitement & Reward will have your group excited about and open to the many ideas being shared at your conference. They will learn, laugh, and have their spirits levitated!

Using a touch of magic Tom has been delighting audiences & making meeting planners heroes for 20 years. 

Breakout Session: The Magic of Leadership & Motivation

I Predict Your Next Meeting Will Be a HUGE Success!

Keynote Speaker Tom Britton

The Magic of CHANGE

MagicChangeV2The Magic of CHANGE: The Illusion, The Excitement, The Reward

Tom’s most requested keynote presentation brings your conference to life in a meaningful, magical way. It reveals CHANGE for the illusion that it is and helps transform the fear of change into excitement that produces rewards.

Nothing decreases productivity or stands in the way of reaching goals more than the fear of CHANGE. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Change, like magic, is mostly an illusion. Knowing when to CHANGE and when to HANG in there can spell the difference between success and failure….in life and in business.                                                                                       *Available on AMAZON

Leading and Motivating Through CHANGE (Add this breakout.)

  • What employees really want from their jobs.
  • 3 types of motivation. Which works best?
  • Remembering your “crown.”
  • Dr. Levy’s amazing leadership secret.
  • Avoiding communication pitfalls.
  • Creative problem solving.